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6th Gen Silicone breast forms – Upgraded silicone breasts are handcrafted with some red spots outside of skin by a team of our artists. Besides, concave design inside of skin that guide sweat, elastic,comfortable & breathable.

They are dedicated to making lifelike, natural feeling silicone breast plates than our 4th & 5th Gen design.
Meet DS Bodyskins breast forms. Top quality, realistic, soft, no surgery,no scars, no downtime! Or better yet, safe with bras, makeup safe, built-in nipples & areolae, minimizes visible seams, real skin feel.
Made of hypoallergenic 100% food-grade (TPE) silicone.
It comes in one size and multiple cups and entries.
6 different skin tones to choose from for a look that’s all your own.
Beasts filling: Silk Cotton – for a lighter weight and softer feel.
Silicone Gel – more natural feel, realistic bounce and weight.
Size recommendation:
B Cup/C Cup/D Cup/E Cup/F Cup/H Cup: Recommended weight 55kg-80kg, height 155cm-185cm.

All of our breast forms products are realistic in appearance and they are available in various colours and cup sizes. High neck design to hide an Adam’s apple, and breastplates designed for smooth lines and extra cleavage. Perfect for lower cut upper bodysuits and dresses that show your more skin. Best of all, it stretches up to 2 times its original size, super stretchy design is easy to put on and wear. However, we offer a wide range of silicone breastplates. Specifically designed for daily wear / cosplay / drag-queen / crossdresser / transgender / transvestite / ladyboy / shemale / live broadcast etc.