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Become the goddess you are with our 7th Gen silicone full bodysuits.

Designed for a complete transformation, our beautiful and realistic silicone female bodysuits are handcrafted with some red spots on skin plus blue veins on breasts by skilled artisans just for you. Besides, concave design inside of skin that guide sweat, elastic,comfortable & breathable.

They are dedicated to making lifelike, natural feeling crossdressing bodysuits than our 4th, 5th Gen & 6th Gen design.
Meet DS Bodyskins realistic crossdresser bodysuits. Made of hypoallergenic 100% food-grade (TPE) silicone, top quality, so soft, realistic, no surgery, no scars, no downtime! Or better yet, safe with bras, makeup safe, built-in nipples & areolae, functional penis & vagina tubes, minimizes visible seams, real skin feel.
Silicone female bodysuit designed for smooth lines and extra cleavage.
Because it stretches up to 2.5 times its original size, it’s easy to put on and wear.
Available in 6 skin colours & different cup sizes.
Style: Standard: Comes with a penis tube for urination function
Premium: Comes with a penis tube and vaginal tube for urination & sexual penetration function.
Size recommendation:
S Size, recommended weight 55kg-75kg, height 155cm-175cm.
M Size, recommended weight 65kg-85kg, height 160cm-180cm.
L Size, recommended weight 70kg-110kg, height 165cm-190cm.

Designed for a complete transformation. Slim your waist and help accentuate your natural curves by wearing the transgender woman’s secret weapon: silicone full bodysuit. These structured silicone bodysuits help remove inches off your figure and improve your posture while being worn, making you look & feel more feminine, no matter what your body type. With a unique design, our silicone female bodysuit flatten the front of your genital area to give you a smooth, contoured, and feminine look. Discreet enough to be worn under your daily clothing, so it’s perfect for feeling feminine all day long.