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DS Bodyskins lower bodysuit silicone underwear with fake vagina or penis panties look realistic, feel natural, hip enhanced and are comfortable to wear

Check out lower bodysuit silicone panties selection in unique and realistic, delicate handmade pieces from our boutique, look and feel of real human skin.

– Hypoallergenic 100% food-grade (TPE) silicone.
– Stretches up to 2 or 2.5 times its original size. Available in 6 colors & a range of generations & styles.
4th Gen silicone underwear, 5th Gen silicone underwear & 6th Gen silicone underwear: Bum part thickness:2-3cm.
Standard size, recommended weight 55kg-90kg, height 155cm-188cm.

7th Gen silicone underwear: Thigh & Bum parts thickness:3cm-4cm.
S Size, recommended weight 55kg-75kg, height 155cm-175cm.

M Size, recommended weight 65kg-85kg, height 160cm-180cm.
L Size, recommended weight 70kg-110kg, height 165cm-190cm.
8th Gen silicone underwear: Thigh & Bum parts thickness:6cm-7cm.
Standard Size, recommended weight 55kg-100kg, height 155cm-188cm.


DS Bodyskins silicone underwear with fake vagina are designed to help hide the male genitals and create the appearance of female anatomy. However, our fake vagina panties features built-in silicone penis tube & vagina tube for affordable feminine illusion. Standard style: Comes with a penis tube for urination function. Premium style: Comes with a penis tube and vaginal tube for urination & sexual penetration function.