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Looking for premium silicone bodysuit, breast forms, muscle suits, masks & accessories for mastectomy patients/crossdresser/transgender women/cosplay/drag-queen? Or if you just want to try a male to female transformation and so on. Then ……. Welcome to – Go for realistic texture with safe medical silicone material which look and feel of real human skin. Or even more, extremely flexible, highly stretchable, super comfortable under time proven DS Bodyskins, helping many people to achieve their desired appearance and radiate the confidence.
Our range, which is built to medical grade material standards, has stood the test of time and will serve you well year after year, no matter where you are!
Here is what our customers think of us…
“This breast plate is perfect for people that want to have bigger boobs or someone that has had breast cancer like me. All in all yes I would recommend this product for anybody whom’s looking for feminine allure or have had complications due to cancer.”
And more from another customer…
“First, these feel pretty good to touch. I’m a trans woman, and I got these to relieve some dysphoria. Unfortunately I’m not perfectly flat which is what the manufacturer had in mind when they designed these. So when I want to be extra buxom they really do the trick. Just know what you’re getting when you order them and set your expectations accordingly.”
So, if you’re looking for silicone beast forms, masks, gloves or silicone full bodysuits, DS Bodyskins range of silicone bodysuits are for you!
For all customers outside of Australia who wish to purchase our product, pls email us directly to receive an individual quote, which will include the free shipping. However, all Australia and export orders are done through PayPal for your security.

For assistance, call our award-winning support team at: (07) 3285 6761 or Email: [email protected]. So we will reply you in 24 hours.

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