8 Top Tips to Feminize Face for Crossdresser & Transgender Women

Crossdresser & Transgender Women

It seems obvious to say but the face in the very first thing that people will notice and this does mean that the pretty face will be the initial feminine impression.

The facial features say a lot about gender, and there are measurable physical differences between the two. Crossdresser & transgender women will want to imply higher cheekbones and a smaller chin, and of course, crossdresser & transgender women will want to shave very closely to get that feminine feeling completely.

That said, whether beginner or having more advanced crossdresser makeup skills, to have basic makeup techniques that help crossdresser & transgender women to achieve that amazing first feminine impression.

There are many differences between a guy and girl’s face.

Here are a few important things to consider, please take a little time to look over the 6 top tips for crossdresser & Transgender Women, hopefully crossdresser& transgender women can achieve a repeatable flawless makeup look and beauty routine.

Tip 1. Forehead

Most people don’t think about foreheads, but the forehead is a dead giveaway of gender.

There are 3 major differences between male and female foreheads:

  • Men’s foreheads tend to be higher and wider than women’s foreheads.
  • Men have a bony ridge (known as brow bossing) that runs across the forehead above the eyes. Women have smooth foreheads.
  •  Men’s foreheads tend to be backwards sloping, while women’s foreheads are more vertical.

Fortunately, there is an easy, non-surgical fix for the forehead: bangs. 

  • Go for wispy bangs. Wispy bangs hide the forehead while softening the rest of the facial features.
  • Avoid blunt cut bangs. Blunt cut bangs create a horizontal line across the face, emphasizing the angularity of features.
  • Say “no” to short bangs. Instead, go for bangs that are long enough to fully cover the brow ridge.

Tip 2. Eyebrows

The eyebrows literally create the frame for face. For better or for worse, they have the power to transform the entire look.

Everybody knows that men have thicker eyebrows than women, but there are a couple other important differences:

  • Men’s eyebrows have a straighter shape, while women’s eyebrows are more arched.
  • Men have lower eyebrows than women. The eyebrows sit below the orbital rim in men and above the orbital rim in women.

Changing the eyebrows can change the appearance of the entire face. Here’s how to feminize the eyebrows: Have the eyebrows professionally shaped. Thinning and reshaping the eyebrows can give the illusion of higher brows.

But be careful – over plucked, exaggerated eyebrows can seriously cause damage to crossdresser & transgender women appearance. Having the eyebrows professionally shaped and then maintaining the shape yourself. Create perfect eyebrow arches with makeup.

Tip 3. Eyes

Eyes are the first thing people notice about the face, so beautiful, feminine eyes are a must. Here are the differences between male and female eyes: Due to the brow ridge, men’s eyes appear more deep set than women’s eyes. Men’s eyelids are slightly more closed, giving the eyes a narrower look.

To feminize the eyes, crossdresser & transgender women need to create the illusion of larger, more open-looking eyes. Here’s how to do it:

1. Enhance lashes. More than anything else, lush lashes are the key to larger looking eyes. Use an eyelash curler to help open up the eyes and invest in the best mascara crossdresser & transgender women can afford

2. Master the art of eye makeup. Learning how to apply eye makeup correctly is one of the most important skills crossdresser & transgender women can master.

Tip 4. Nose

Men have longer, wider noses, while women’s noses are shorter and narrower.  Men tend to have straight or arched nose bridges, while women’s noses tend to be more concave in profile. Here are some tips for feminizing the nose:

1. Downplay the nose. The best way to downplay a prominent nose is to enhance the eyes, lips, and cheeks. If do a good job with these, the nose should fade into the background.

2. Contour the nose with makeup. Nose contouring can be tricky, but it’s a great option for the evening or for photo shoots. Contouring makeup usually looks too obvious in daylight.

Tip 5. Cheeks

Cheeks are very important to the overall proportions of the face. Here are the differences between male and female cheeks:

1. Men tend to have flatter cheekbones, while women have more prominent cheekbones.

2. Women have more facial fat, giving the cheeks a fuller, rounder appearance.

To create fuller, more feminine cheeks, Apply blush correctly. 

A common mistake crossdresser & transgender women make is applying a stripe of blush along the bottom of the cheekbones. This enhances the angular appearance of the face. Instead, blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. This gives crossdresser & transgender women a feminine glow and creates the illusion of fuller cheeks.

Tip 6. Lips

Lush lips are a symbol of beauty and femininity. Here are the specific differences between male and female lips:

Men’s lips tend to be thinner than women’s lips – particularly the top lip.

The distance between the base of the nose and the top lip tends to be longer in men.

To create fuller, more feminine lips:

1. Enlarge the lips with makeup. Use lip liner and lipstick to enlarge the overall lip figure. With bright colours lipsticks and outlines, crossdresser & transgender women can easily achieve a more feminine smile.

2. Avoid dark lipstick. Dark lipstick makes the lips look even thinner, so opt for bright, glossy shades instead.

Tip 7. Chin and jaw line

  • Men tend to have longer chins than women.
  • There is often a sharp angle between a man’s chin and jaw, giving the chin a square look.
  • Men’s chins tend to have a flat base, while women’s chins are more pointed. d. Men have wider, heavier jaws than women.

Here are some tips for downplaying a masculine chin and jawline:

1. Choose a soft, shoulder length hairstyle. Go for wavy, layered hairstyles that gently cover the jawline. Short or chin length hairstyles that reveal the jaw should be avoided if this is a problem area for crossdresser & transgender women. Shoulder length hair is most flattering.

2. Contour the jaw with makeup. crossdresser & transgender women can also soften the angles of the chin and jawline with makeup.

Remember, the overall appearance of the face that matters – so the more of these tips crossdresser & transgender women apply, the more feminine face will look.

Tip 8. Skin

The best way to start the feminine transformation is by feminizing the face. It must carry all the feminine traits and characteristics. As women throughout the ages have discovered, the good skin face can create an entirely different feminine facial look easier. Every crossdresser & transgender woman should take good care of skin

There are numerous things that happen to our skin as we age, some we can fight with a good skin care routine and others we cannot. However, all the beautiful women have one thing in common; they take meticulous care of their skin

1) Don’t use regular soap bars – Most soap bars are far too harsh to use on our skin and most contain ingredients that can irritate and even dry out the skin. It is far better to use liquid facial cleansers (see tip #2) as they are much gentler and kinder to the skin and leave crossdresser & transgender women feeling fresher.

2) Drink plenty of water in the morning – It has long been known that drinking water will have a good impact on health and wellbeing, it’s great for dieting and it also helps the skin hydrate leaving it looking better and able to better withstand the rigors of regular makeup.

3) Apply a moisturizer daily – Using a moisturizer is something that should be part of EVERYDAY skin care routine, crossdresser & transgender women don’t have to use high-end products for effective and noticeable results, available from the local drug store.

4) Use a face mask once a week – crossdresser & transgender women can really start noticing a difference to the skin texture and skin radiance by using a face mask once a week, masks are also really good to use before applying makeup, try this on the next night out.

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