What is a crossdressing? What is the secret to success?

DS Bodyskins Crossdressing means changing a person’s appearance, gender and other characters through makeup, clothing, etc. to achieve a certain purpose or to satisfy a certain desire. Crossdressing has become an independent cultural phenomenon in modern society and is even considered an artistic expression. This article will lead you to learn about crossdressing today. 1. […]

Walking in high heels as a crossdresser/transgender

DS Bodyskins Walking in high heels as a crossdresser/transgender can be a massive obstacle for beginners to get over. People tend to buy the wrong type of shoe by trying to copy what other beautiful females wear without realizing that a different set of rules apply to us. The difference a wrong pair of high […]

Best Shapewear for Crossdressers

DS Bodyskins As a crossdresser, one of your biggest obstacles will be to achieve a curvy feminine figure, as that is the most sought-after body shape most women want and what most men want in a woman. Having that ideal shape will make life that much easier for you when crossdressing. This is where shapewear […]

How to stay safe when crossdressing in public

DS Bodyskins The sad truth about crossdressing is that it comes with its unfair share of perils. Women, in general, are in constant danger throughout their daily lives, But a man crossdress as a woman faces far more obstacles than any other. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have gotten your crossdressing ability down to […]

How to buy heels for crossdresser & trangender Women

DS Bodyskins When they say the shoes make the outfit, it is especially true when you start crossdressing. Today’s topic is on how you can make sure you pick the right pair of heels for your feet as a biological man ready to crossdress. While you may have spent years buying your own shoes as […]

How to remove body hair for crossdressers/transgenders (MTF)

DS Bodyskins As biological men, we naturally tend to have a lot of hair all over our bodies compared to females (except for a few lucky men who don’t seem to have any hair except for the ones on their heads!). Therefore, besides shaving our face, we aren’t really experienced in removing hair when it […]

How to reduce testosterone to be a more feminine crossdresser

DS Bodyskins While hormone therapy is the fastest way to block the natural production of testosterone in your body, many may not have the financial means to access it. Although it will take a lot longer to see any actual results. There is a natural way to reduce testosterone to be a more feminine crossdresser. […]

How to hide beer belly when crossdressing

DS Bodyskins Your physique has a lot to do with how good you feel and how others perceive you when you crossdress. One of the first things you need to do is to hide your beer belly when crossdressing. When you live life as a man, especially an older one, having a beer belly is […]

Standing poses for good photos as a crossdresser/transgender

DS Bodyskins We’ve already written a guide on how to take the best selfies as a crossdresser, so make sure to check that out after reading this. Today is the second instalment of our three-article series where we talk about how to take the best full-body photos as a crossdresser. Some crossdressers/transgenders take photos to […]

How to take good selfies when crossdressing (MTF)

DS Bodyskins When you crossdress and bring out the woman in you, you start to have more fun that when living a mundane life as a man. One of those fun things is you feel a lot freer to celebrate yourself when you look beautiful with the right makeup and clothing on. And what do […]