Learn these crucial things to complete your MTF transformation the right way


When starting your crossdressing journey, you need to be aware of some vital things about crossdressing makeup, as it is actually not the same as women’s makeup.

The reason is women use makeup might be the same as you, which is to bring attention to their femininity. Still, the methods can be quite different from what you should be implementing because your goal is to successfully transition your masculine features into more feminine.

Colour correction, concealer, and contour – the three C’s that can help transform your face if done right.

To start off on your crossdressing/transfeminine makeup transformation, you need to know what these do.

Let’s dive right into it.

Colour Correction for beard shadow, also known as 5 o’clock shadow

Something you need to be very wary of, as a man, is the varying degrees of 5 o’clock shadow.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s the early signs of beard growth on your face after shaving in the morning. Depending on the thickness of your beard, your 5 0’clock shadow will be clearly visible to the world – a dead giveaway of your biological ‘manliness’.

On top of that, our skin is made of different colours referred to as tones and undertones in the makeup industry. Sometimes it can be subtle; other times it can be obvious, uneven skin tone, or blotchy patches on your face.

This is where Colour Correction comes in.

It is used to cancel out your face’s blotches or mismatched colours by applying the needed colour to each area. You will need to understand a bit of colour theory to get it absolutely right, but here is a little tip to get you started.

Beard shadow has a dark blue undertone, so if you refer to the colour wheel below and look for dark blue, you will see that its opposite colour is peach. If you have a darker complexion, then orange works better for hiding beard shadow.

Conceal those subtle (or obvious) ‘imperfections’ with concealer

Although nobody really has perfect skin, a lot of straight men are simple creatures, so when they see a woman’s ‘flawless’ skin with make up on, they simply assume that that is how it looks naturally.

This can be a problem for you as a man trying to pass as a woman.

If you have been doing everything that you can to ensure you have optimum skin, then good on you! You have a massive head start compared to most of the first timers on here.

But chances are, you haven’t given much thought to your skin.

Things like zits, acne, moles, or dark circles under your eyes can all be covered up using concealer.

A concealer usually comes in a liquid or skin form. It is applied to the skin as a thick foundation to hide those imperfections.

Contour for MTF transition: Use it wisely!

This is a big one.

Facial bone structure and facial fat distribution can set the male and female face apart.

A common misconception is that during your MTF transition, you need to apply makeup just as a female does – but that’s actually BAD advice.

Your goal as a biological male is to LOOK more like a female. To do that, you need to soften your male features – one of those being that men have bigger and squarer faces.

Depending on how masculine your face looks, you may actually need to minimise your level of contouring.

crossdressing makeup

Contouring is used to ‘shape’ your face using dark and light powders or creams

It helps provide the illusion of having ‘ideal’ feminine angles and bone structure on your face. You need to apply and blend shadows and highlights in the proper areas of your face. Shadows refer to the dark powers/creams and highlights refer to light powders/creams. If you look at the image above, you may notice that there is light bouncing off the cheek bone of the model whereas just under it, her skin appears to be darker. Move further down her face and you can see that her jawline looks very prominent and almost outlined.

This isn’t her natural skin tone. This is completely intentional and by design. She is attempting to bring more attention to her cheekbones and jawline because, usually, women have softer, plumper features.

As a man, your goal should be to downplay those features as much as possible. Contour your face to make it rounder. You may need to contour your hairline as well because the female hairline is rounder, and a male hairline is more squarish.

To look more feminine, you also need to soften features such as your nose and cheeks. Use highlights on both sides of the bridge of your nose to make it less prominent and softer.

It’s important to understand that you will definitely NOT learn this overnight. It will take a long time to get it right. You WILL need to find and watch the right YouTube videos a hundred times and practice three times as much.


There is a ton of information out there on crossdressing makeup. All you need to do is type that into YouTube and you will get endless results.

However, if you don’t have any experience in makeup, which most men don’t, you have to understand the three C’s – Colour Correct, Conceal and Contour.

Each of these are used in different ways but come together to help bring out the beautiful woman in you. The key is to understand their individual uses and then practice like your life depends on it because, well, in some cases, it does.

Realise that crossdressing makeup is fun because you become an artist and your face is the canvas you use to paint your true self. Good Luck!

We have several articles to help you on your crossdressing/transgender journey, so make sure to check them out.

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