How to change from male to female

Male to female

Intro First is to get your make up right. If you are a beginner, we have an article on what to focus on to hide your masculine features and feminize your face. Areas to focus besides the face are breasts, stomach, hips and butt. Let’s take a top-down approach.

What exactly are breast forms?

The first thing a that catches a man’s. or anyone’s, eyes when facing a woman is their cleavage. If a woman has good cleavage, they can get away with almost anything.

Unfortunately, as a man, you don’t have that natural advantage.

You can find the most gorgeous dress to wear and pull off the perfect look with makeup but having a flat chest can be a dead giveaway that you are a man in woman’s clothing.

Your goal is to come across as naturally feminine as possible.

So this is where breast forms come in.

Breast forms are fake or prosthetic breasts worn by crossdressers, trans people. And even some women to give the illusion of having a great pair of breasts and/or cleavage.

They come in different types:

  • One piece silicone breast forms (breast form plates)
  • Split breast forms
  • Breast form bras

They all do the same thing so picking which one to go with comes down to personal preference, affordability and your particular body type.

Once you pick your breast, move down to your stomach.

A flatter stomach helps create an hourglass figure

We live in a world, unfortunately, where a man having a gut is given a second thought but a woman with a gut is considered to be letting go of herself. It’s a cruel world and a harsh reality that you are stepping into if you choose to cross dress.

Healthy eating and exercise is the right way to go about it but it’s also the long way.

Good thing is you have a bunch of other options to flatten your stomach in a matter of seconds!

  • Waist cinchers: These help to reduce your waist size by one or two inches. They are a more breathable version of a corset and can be anything from a waist trainer that wraps around your waist to high waited panties that pull your stomach in.
  • Corset: Corsets help bring your waist in by up to 6 inches depending on which ones you purchase. However, they are not flexible and are mainly used if you have a specific style in mind and comfort is not your priority.
  • Girdles: These are more of a sexy option if your gut does not protrude as much. They are open bottomed and comes with straps that can be hooked on to your stockings.
  • Prosthetic High Waist Vagina panties: These help take things a step further and gives you the feeling of having a vagina along with reigning in your stomach and waistline.

There are several other high waist shapewear options available for you to try but this gives you a great starting point to research and figure out what you are comfortable trying out and what you think might be too cumbersome to begin with.

You have made it this far which means you are now ready for the final touch to bring it home and tie everything together to be able to successfully pass as someone with a woman’s body.

Let’s talk about the butt.

Be a more convincing woman with feminine wide hips and bigger booty

Biologically, men are attracted to woman with wider hips because it signifies fertility.

Proper hip to waist ratio helps convey the highly coveted hourglass figure.

Your goal, as a biological man, is to be able to replicate the wide hips and big booty to be able to appear as feminine as possible to pass as a woman.

Once again, you can get a good booty, even as a man, by exercising and focusing on booty building workouts – but that will take too long, so here is the shortcut.

Butt and hip pads!

More good news, there are plenty of options to suit all budgets!

You have padded silicone panties, high-waisted shapewear with padded hips and booty, silicone pads to enhance your hips and butt cheeks and cut-out booty shorts that help give your bum a boost.

The key to this is to ensure you have a good ratio to your hips and shoulders. So look to choose items that give you a gradual, proportional enhancement instead of painfully obvious bumps that will ruin your figure!

You do have one final option when it comes to getting a feminine figure – a silicone bodysuit. However, there are quite a few things to consider when it comes to picking one of those. We will have a separate article for that in the near future.


To be able to pass as a woman is the main goal in a MTF transition.

Besides learning to apply makeup the right way, you also need to artificially adjust the dimensions and ratios of your male physique to look more feminine.

The items you need to focus on are breast forms for fake breasts, shapewear to help with your gut and hip and booty enhancing to complete that hourglass figure men love to see in women.

You have several options to suit different body types, looks and budgets so go out there and try everything you can get your hands on till you find what appeals to the woman inside you.

Good Luck!

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