Feminine mannerisms for crossdressing & transgender women

Crossdressing & transgender women

Ask yourself what sort of woman do you want to be

Unfortunately society has unwritten rules that is used to categorise you as a male or female. Need to think what is it that society uses to classify someone as a man or a woman.

Once you have those characteristics down, then dig deep to notice the little things that you did as a man or you notice other men doing. Then try doing the same from a woman’s perspective. Research what is considered feminine

These are things that create an open channel to a richer, deeper aspect of the transition. Little things like this help bring out your feminine spirit.

Your feminine journey matters and you need to address all aspects of it to feel truly yourself. You don’t want to be a version of yourself, you need to be your whole self.

So let’s start with your face.

More feminine facial communication

When it comes to projecting femininity in conversation, your facial communication should follow certain cues that come somewhat naturally to woman but not so easily for men.

Feminine facial communication tends to be brighter with smiles.

Men are expected to be more serious whereas you expect a woman to be more nurturing, understanding and bring joy to a room.

So, practice smiling in the mirror by smiling and letting out a little laugh which brings your cheeks up and causes your eyes to slightly squint with laughter. Practicing this will help you simulate joy even when you are not feeling it as it helps trick the brain to be happier.

You also need to practice slightly raising the corners of your mouth when you aren’t speaking. This helps to soften your appearance and avoid ‘resting-bitch-face’.

A useful tip is to find the pressure points of your face and massage it. This will help relax and avoid carrying your stress on your face.

After your face, understanding female body language is also key to appearing more feminine.

How to make your body language more feminine

There are a few things that are synonymous with femininity. To bring out the feminine energy in you means you need to work on appearing more vulnerable, graceful and elegant.

How does that look?

Being closed off is to have your arms crossed and looking down. Instead, you need to keep your chest open, expose your neck by moving your hair to a side and look up to show that you are approachable.

To demonstrate grace and elegance, you need to be mindful of your movements.

Practice not rushing. Instead, ease through motions almost like a dancer. Reach for things slowly; turn your head slowly, turn your body slowly.

Female body movements are very circular and soft, whereas male body movements tend to be more direct. When playing with or moving your hair, when pointing at something or any sort of gesture, circular and half circular movements are key to demonstrating more feminine mannerisms.

Another thing to note about a feminine woman is that they do not face someone head on when talking to them. Make sure to slightly angle away from the person and tilt your face towards them.

The ‘staying at an angle’ rule should be applied not just when standing up and talking to someone, but also when sitting down.

How to sit more feminine

Here is how a man sits.

They collapse at the stomach and bend forward to be able to reach back with their hands and hold the chair as they sit down. That is absolutely not what you want to be doing.

The key to sitting down is to descend to the chair while keeping your chest up. When you approach a chair and turn to sit down, let your calves touch the chair so that you can be confident that the chair is right under you. This prevents the need to reach back for the chair.

Just as I mentioned above about angling away from the person you are talking to, make sure to sit down at an angle too. This means you will end up sitting down diagonally on the chair putting more of your weight on your back butt cheek.

The next step to sitting down is to make sure your knees are together while your legs from the bottom of your knees are at the same angle as your body. This will allow you to put one ankle behind the other as shown in the image below.

Contrary to popular belief, crossing your legs at the knees is not considered proper feminine etiquette.

While sitting down and speaking to someone, there are certain feminine hand gestures that will help create the illusion on femininity.

How to move your hands in a more feminine way

As I mentioned in the body language section above, female gestures are very circular. Their hands also allude to the open nature of a woman by almost always having their palms facing upwards to the sky.

The best way to have feminine hand movements is to be soft at the wrist and point softly with your index finger when making gestures. This is the opposite of men because they are stiff at the wrists and point in a very linear, direct motion.

To help with being more open, while moving your hands, try keep them outside your shoulders. This prevents your hands from covering the chest and pelvic regions, indicating openness.

Keep your movements small and your elbows close to your torso as often as possible.

Finally, you have the distinct female walk.

How to walk more feminine

A woman’s walk is very distinctive. The most attractive way to perform the female walk isn’t to copy what runway models do, where every step is forceful, dominant and powerful.

Instead, the female walk is the most effective when it is so subtle that you don’t notice what they are doing, yet something about their walk draws your eyes to their hips.

Two things you need to do before practicing your walk. Firstly, invest in wedges instead of high heels because it helps with weight distribution. Secondly, work on getting you hip flexors more flexible. This is because the female walk is led with the hips but as men, we tend to have very tight hip flexors.

Now, a couple things you should not do are don’t drop into your hips while walking. This will create a jarring effect which is not graceful and elegant. You also don’t want to stomp your feet down like runway models as I mentioned above.

Here are two things that you should do just before you initiate your walk

Lean your upper body back slightly till your core in engaged.

Next, elevate your hip on the side of the foot that will move forward first. Each time your foot moves forward, focus on elevating the hip on that side.

Taking your focus away from your feet, like everyone else does, and instead concentrating on elevating your hips each time your feet move will naturally create the illusion of swaying hips.

Make sure to not rush it, keep your body relaxed and almost lazily execute the steps mentioned above.

I highly recommend watching Cynthia L on YouTube. She is a young woman who shares a lot of knowledge with her audience on how to be more feminine. Her target demographic are females; however, her tips and advice are very much appropriate and useful for you in your crossdressing or trans journey.


Being an ideal female is all open having open and vulnerable body language.

Although this goes against the male behaviour that you are used to, this is exactly what you need to embody to discover and bring forth your feminine energy that you know lies inside you.

Your facial communication needs to be more joyful, your body language needs to be more open; your gestures need to be more graceful, elegant and less direct, you should always be at an angle when speaking to someone, regardless if you are seated or standing, when walking you need to lean your upper body back and lead with the hips instead of focusing on your feet.

Remember, these are mannerisms woman have been practicing all their lives. To expect to learn them in a matter of few weeks or even months is very unreasonable on yourself. Realise that you will need to practice all these individually and then learn to implement all of them together.

This might take you a good year or two to make it natural implement it into your personality but know that it can be done.

Your feminine side deserves to be let out and celebrated. So, don’t stop practicing and keep learning through all our articles to help you on your journey.

Good Luck!

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