How to pick a wig as a crossdresser or transgender person?

A wig for a crossdresser or transgender

Are you afraid that having bald hair will make it impossible to look good when you cross-dress? Do you think wigs will look too obvious and unnatural?

Don’t knock them off just yet. Wigs have gone through a lot of upgrades and technological advancements due to people needing realistic wigs for many reasons.

Wigs are amazing things that can actually help all different types of people, and especially all different types of crossdressing people. So, let’s look at how to pick a wig that suits you.

There are two things to consider when browsing through the different wigs available; how realistic you want it to look and how much you want to pay for it.

This guide will help with just that.

Para 1 How to pick a wig for your face?

Now, it’s important to understand that nothing is set in stone and you need to go through a few wigs and outfits before you truly find your right choice(s) because the fact of the matter is you will most likely need more than one.

The first step to selecting a wig is:

  • Figure out if you need a full wig, extensions, toppers or a clip-on fringe.

If you do need a wig, then these are the things you need to do:

  • Find out your face shape
  • Figure out if you want synthetic or real hair. This will depend on your budget.
  • How much effort you are willing to put to wig maintenance and styling when worn.

Para 2 Do you really need a wig?

If you are a biological male and you are looking for wigs to start your crossdressing adventures, then you have realised how empowering a good head of hair is.

What you may not realise is, if you already have the ability to grow long hair, you might not need a full wig. There are three options you should consider, if you can before looking at full wigs: hair toppers, clip-in fringes and hair extensions.

  • Hair toppers: As you may have guessed from the name, these are for the top of your head and allows you to address hair thinning or receding hairlines. Click here to go to a more detailed article on hair toppers.
  • Clip-in fringes: Clip-in fringes or bangs allow you to attach fake bangs or a fringe to your hairline. Click here to see how they work.
  • Hair extensions: If you have the ability to grow long hair but lack volume then hair extensions might be the way to go for you.

Para 3 What is the best wig style for your face shape?

The goal with a wig is to soften your manly features and give your face a less pronounced look. You should know that there are 6 common face shapes.

  • Heart: Imagine a triangle but upside down, that is a heart shaped face. Wider hairline, higher cheekbones and a narrower chin. A crop shaped wigs, bobs, that come in at the neck greatly compliments this face shape. Avoid full lengthy wigs and wigs that are too full of volume.
  • Round: This face type has round hairline and jawline with some plumpness in the cheeks. The cheek and ear area are considered the widest part of the face. Avoid wigs with too much volume near the ears but has volume at the crown of the head so that it created the illusion of a longer face. If it ends bluntly at your jaw, that will only bring attention to how round your face it, which in this case will be too round.

  • Square: With a square face, your jaw if more pronounced and it matches the width of your forehead. If you match this face type, you need to be avoiding any style that is straight and ends at your jaw because that will only bring more attention to it. A layered or wavy wig that adds height at the top and narrows on the sides to give a lengthening illusion is what you should aim for. Long hair with a fringe is also ideal.
  • Pear: A pear shaped face has a narrower forehead compared to the jawline. Wigs that add volume at the top near the crown of the head and the forehead should be your choice. Try avoiding anything the comes down to the jaw.
  • Diamond: This face shape works well with a lot of different styles. A diamond face has a narrow top and bottom, i.e. chin and forehead, with wider cheekbones. Wigs that add volume at the forehead and chin should be what you aim for.
  • Oval: An oval shaped faced is considered balanced because it doesn’t have any distinct shape that you need to cater to. This is great because that means you have a face that can pull of any wig. Styles like a long bob with a side fringe or hair that falls to your shoulders but stays a bit away from the face can be very flattering.

Para 4 What to consider when buying a wig?

Wigs can be made of synthetic hair or real human hair. It’s important to know that just because a wig has human hair does not immediately make it the better choice. You need to consider what you want the wig for, how much you are willing to spend and how much time you are willing to spend taking care of it and styling it. In fact, good quality synthetic wigs are almost impossible to tell apart from real hair.

The advantage of human hair is that you can treat it like a real head of hair. That means you can colour it, straighten it or curl it however you want. Plus, if you are using a wig to add to your real hair, the texture will be the same.

The disadvantage of human hair wigs is the high maintenance. You will need to shampoo and condition it regularly like human hair. The cost is much higher due to the fact that it is from real humans.

Something you would’ve never had to think about as a biological man is how hair reacts to weather. Long hair become frizzy or very dry depending on weather conditions and that can really affect the type of day you have.

The advantage of synthetic hair is that it’s easy to style as they are made in a large selection of styles and colours. They don’t lose their structure due to the weather. They cost less and are natural looking.

On the other hand, synthetic wigs need to be replaced much more often, about every 6 months. Once you buy a wig of a certain colour or style you can’t change it. Plus, depending on the quality of the wig, low budget wigs have a shine to them that is unnatural.

The colour of a wig can make a great difference. You will often find that a plain coloured wig doesn’t not match your skin but a two-toned wig that compliments your skin but has the same style as the other wig looks a million times better!


Due to technological advancements, you can find wigs that look incredibly realistic, and most people will not be able to spot the difference.

Your first step will be to first figure out if you need a full wig, hair topper or simply a fringe.

If you do decide you need a wig, you need to look for wigs that fit your exact face shape. Then you need to decide if you want human hair or synthetic hair. You also need to see if you like the feel of the wig and how the cap that goes onto your head gives you the feeling/look that you want.

Your budget is the biggest factor in deciding what sort of wig you want to invest in.

One thing I can promise you is you will have to try multiple wigs before finding the right one.

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