5 Must-Have Items Every Crossdresser & Transgender Woman Should Own

Crossdresser & Transgender Woman

If crossdresser & transgender women want to reveal the most fabulous feminine self? (and who doesn’t?)

If so, wearing silicone breast forms & bodysuits is a guaranteed way to feel feminine. Best of all, it’s something crossdresser & transgender women can indulge in on a daily basis.

Thus, when purchasing silicone breast forms & bodysuits, What’s the silicone breast forms & bodysuits every crossdresser and transgender women should own?

Some of these items are obvious, read on for top 5 picks!

1. Basic Silicone Breast Forms

Breasts are arguably the most feminine part of a woman’s body, every crossdresser & transgender needs a basic breast forms, so a simple breast form is a must.

Not all of the breast forms are able to emit a charming femininity, realistic breast forms is very soft and comfortable which made by Hypoallergenic food-grade (TPE) silicone, very high elastic stretch, doesn’t fade, easy fitting, oil-free & easy to clean, the breast forms will shape the body type in a sexy woman by flat shoulder, charming clavicle, vivid bloodshot, S-shaped waist & realistic navel.

Breast Forms comes in a wide range of sizes that would fit most crossdressers and transgender women. (Cup sizes B, C, D, E, G, H, S)

Besides, it comes different breast filling for the options.

  • Silk Cotton – For a lighter weight and softer feel
  • Silicone Gel – More natural feel, realistic bounce and weight

It’s important to figure out what the weight & height are before making a purchase of silicone breast forms purchase, if anyone is having trouble finding the right size, try to find it as below:

  • 4th – 6th Gen Silicone Upper Bodysuit Breast Forms

Standard Size: Recommended weight 55kg-80kg, height 155cm-185cm

  • 7th Gen Silicone Upper Bodysuit Breast Forms

Size M: Recommended weight 65kg-85kg, height 160cm-180cm

  • 7th Gen Silicone Upper Bodysuit Breast Forms

Size L: Recommended weight 70kg-110kg, height 165cm-190cm

2. Silicone Panties

For a flat and feminine look, a silicone panty is one of crossdresser & transgender women’s best friends.

A silicone panty is a great multi-purpose garments that trims the waist, flattens the belly, and smoothes thewe overall shape,

With Silicone Panties, no need to take off it for peeing as silicone panty comes with a penis tube, crossdressers & transgender women can do any daily things as comfortable as being naked, of course, it’s an undergarment designed to offer smoothing up front as well.

There is a premium version for further option, it comes with a penis tube and vaginal tube for peeing & sexual function. and crossdressers and transgender women can choose pubic hair style if like.  The options range from light hiding gaff to full length butt shaping panty.

  • Light shaping – Lower Bodysuit Silicone Hiding Gaff
  • Medium Shaping – Lower Bodysuit Silicone Hip Lifting Boxer
  • Full Shaping – Lower Bodysuit Silicone Full Length Panty

3. Silicone Full Bodysuits

If someone crave curves for the whole body? Silicone full bodysuit offer an instant solution.

Every crossdresser & transgender should have at least one, no surgery, no laceration, no scars, no downtime. Silicone full bodysuits will make the wearer feel the ultra feminine.

Silicone full bodysuit comes with some styles as below:

  • Standard: Comes with a penis tube (for wearer only)
  • Premium: Comes with a penis tube and vaginal tube for sexual function
  • Pubic hair: If like public hair please select this option
  • Open anus: As default the anus is closed please select this option to have it open

Besides, silicone full bodysuits come in triangle and full length styles:

  • Light shaping – Silicone Full Bodysuit Triangle No Sleeve
  • Medium Shaping – Silicone Full Bodysuit Full Length No Sleeve
  • Full Shaping – Silicone Full Bodysuit Full Length Long Sleeve

4. Silicone Masks

Do crossdresser & transgender women want to have angel’s face and delicate facial features?  If so, the silicone mask can make wearer feel irresistibly feminine!

From slightly curved eyebrow makes lovely tender feeling for the whole face to delicate chin contour perfect proportion, silicone masks brings a big surprise.

  • Men Silicone Masks
  • Women Silicone Masks

5. Silicone Gloves

There’s nothing like slipping into a realistic silicone gloves to make crossdresser & transgender women feel extra feminine. Whether crossdresser or transgender, everyone should own at least one pair of silicone glove.

  • Men Silicone Gloves
  • Women Silicone Gloves

So be as femme and fabulous as crossdresser & transgender want to be, all above items are important, there is years of fun dressing with fantastic outcomes in the comfort and convenience of life when make the right decisions.

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