Silicone Breast Forms Buying Guide for User After Mastectomy Surgery

Silicone Breast Forms Buying Guide

Women have the choice of whether or not to have a breast reconstruction after mastectomy surgery. However, if women choose to take mastectomy surgery and live without breasts, females can achieve balance and symmetry by wearing breast forms. All women have different shaped bodies, so there is a wide range of different artificial breast forms available, to get the most recuperation after surgery, women need the right type of breast forms.

Which Materials Is The Best For Breast Forms?

With the wide variety of materials used to make breast form. Which is the best one? How does the different material used affect? Even more, how real the breast forms are? The most popular style of prosthesis is silicone breast forms definitely, as silicone breast forms mimic the look and weight of natural breasts.

What’s Silicone Breast Forms?

Silicone breast forms are specifically created to add volume and shape for women, for whom have had breast-conserving surgery or a lumpectomy. Many breast forms filling is silk cotton or silicone gel, and work by gently shaping women remaining breast tissue to help give women a full breast shape.

Most of silicone breast forms material is hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone. The mould of breast forms is to resemble the natural shape of a women’s breast… By pouring silicone gel into the mould lined with an outer PU (clear plastic) shell, which protects the silicone gel and maintains the shape of the breast.

Many women who have had surgery for breast cancer, but have not had reconstruction wear a breast form. Thus, silicone breast forms are excellent forms to help with the recuperation after mastectomy surgery.

Types Of Silicone Breast Forms

Some of the different types of breast forms include: 

  • 1: Amoena breast forms – An alternative to breast reconstruction breast forms are worn externally, either inside the cup of a pocketed bra or swimsuit or attached directly to the body. 
  • 2: Round collar silicone breast forms upper bodysuit – Specially designed for use in the Summer and Autumn
  • 3: Hollow back round collar silicone breast forms upper bodysuit – specially designed for use in the Summer
  • 4: High collar silicone breast forms upper bodysuit – Designed for 4 seasons
  • 5: Half body silicone breast forms upper bodysuit – Designed for 4 seasons as well
  • 6: Long sleeve half body silicone breast forms upper bodysuit – Also designed for 4 seasons

Fillings Of Silicone Breast Forms

The filling of most of silicone breast forms is either silicone gel or silk cotton. Both breast forms are waterproof and easily washing after use. 

  • Silk cotton filling – The most lightweight style of breast forms filling is silk cotton, for a lighter weight and softer feel. Suitable to wear immediately after surgery if permitted by the doctor, as they do not place excess weight on the chest wall or aggravate the sensitive skin. Silk cotton filling breast forms is an option for use while exercising as well.
  • Silicone gel filling – More natural feel, realistic bounce and weight. Silicone gel filling breast forms is an excellent option for user whom wants the realistic breast like as real women.

Generations of Silicone Breast Forms

  • 1st Generation – 3rd Generation: Designed to be worn inside a pocketed mastectomy bra, however, women can wear some lightweight styles with a special adhesive, it’s portable, but it’s unrealistic, unstable and move out of the place.
  • 4th Generation: Silicone breast forms are crafted from a hypoallergenic medical-grade (TPE) silicone. Advantages of 4th silicone breast forms, softer than anything else from previous generations. Most closely approximates flesh breasts in weight, touch, movement, droop and colouring. Or better yet, stretches up to 2 times its original size. Standard Size, recommended weight 55kg-80kg, height 155cm-185cm
  • 5th Generation: With some slight bloodshot on the breast forms by handmade which is covered 4th Generation features. Size: Same as 4th Generation.
  • 6th Generation: Besides the 4th and 5th features, the construction of 6th Gen silicone breast forms are lightweight waterproof silicone and feature a concave, ribbed backing that allows water to flow away from the body, while boosting air circulation to prevent suction and irritation. Size: same as 4th and 5th Generation.
  • 7th Generation: The good way to achieve realistic-looking, symmetrical breasts is by choosing 7th Gen silicone breast forms. With more finer details like as aojin and bloodshot on the breast forms by handmade.

      M Size, recommended weight 65kg-85kg, height 160cm-180cm

      L Size, recommended weight 70kg-110kg, height 165cm-190cm

  • 8th Generation: Ultra-lightweight options, such as classic triangle air use specially aerated silicone gel to reduce the weight of the form, and without sacrificing the appearance or texture. 

How’s The Price Range?

Although silicone and latex breast forms are still the most expensive, over the last 10 years the breast forms have come down in price. Nowadays, vendors like got all above natural, stable & realistic silicone breast forms. Offering affordable silicone breast forms upper bodysuit which made by hypoallergenic medical-grade (TPE) silicone, environmentally friendly, non-oil, non-toxic.

Wearing, Cleaning & Maintenance Of Silicone Breast Forms

No matter which style of silicone breast form women choose, here is few tips and tricks to help women to wear, and care of the silicone breast forms in the right way. 

  • At first, clean with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Apply a layer of talcum powder before wearing.
  • Clean with lukewarm water and mild soap again after wearing.
  • Pat with towel gently, hang and leave to dry in ventilated shade, apply light coat of talcum powder
  • At last, store in cool dry place
  • Caution, do not machine wash or use harsh chemicals and keep away from sharp objects

The material, features and capabilities of breast forms are vary, but the more realistic ones are certainly the silicone gel filling breast forms. Whether commercial grade or home-made. Whatever the budget or intended use, there are many options open to people.

Thus, when purchasing silicone breast forms, what’s the best silicone breast forms for women after mastectomy surgery should own? At, which is breast forms supplier in Australia, with a huge selection of silicone breast forms in a wide variety of cups and sizes to suit every woman. From standard silicone breast forms to ultra-realistic looking handcraft silicone breast forms, DS Bodyskins got all…

DS Bodyskins is using 3D scanning technology that gathers data about the shape to create silicone breast forms, tissue density and skin texture of women’s chest wall after mastectomy surgery, designed to give women the most comfortable fit, and natural look available by forming to the contour of women’s body. Call friendly customer service staff at (07) 3285 6761 / 0490 101 131 , so women can find out how range of breast forms can help women regain the confidence after mastectomy surgery. 

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